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iO acts as an accelerator for organisational transformation and enables companies to adapt to changing environments.

iO helps its clients to combine the opportunities of Business Innovation, Organisation and Experience Design for employees, customers and other stakeholders.

This is the core value that iO wants to deliver to its clients, partners and friends.


How digital is your culture?
Which experiments are you conducting? Have you established a fail safe environment for experiments? Is learning an essential part of the corporations‘ identity? Is innovation everybodies job? iO loves to explore these questions with you.


Purpose is King – Organisation is Queen 
Having an adaptive business model and an agile operational structure is more important than ever. The management of the dilemma of the interests of an individual and the organization can’t be perfectly solved – but it is possible to balance this dilemma in a healthy way. Having the Viable System Model at hand, a scaleable structure of self organizing teams can be understood and designed. This allows meaningful dialectics within the whole system. Participative Management enables organisations to make better decisions in a shorter amount of time.

Experience Design

Do you understand your stakeholders?
No matter if you are dealing with internal customers (colleagues) or with external clients, it is inevitable to understand the needs, motivations and values of the individuals and deliver results that meet expectations. Unterstanding the journey of your stakeholders while they interact with your company is a valuable source to discover new opportunities and establish fruitful relationships inside and outside of the system. It is about discovering the „value in use“ of a service or a product.

4 Basic Questions
Who is the stakeholder?
What is the problem of the stakeholder?
What does the stakeholder value?
What must be done to continuously deliver?


Done is better than perfect

In complex situations one has to realize that one can not know everything, despite being able to seriously look into the future. The philosophy of Agility in terms of Adaption, Goal Seaking, Inclusion and Latency of Value Structures is deeply woven into the mindset of iO.

iO always develops initiatives, projects, products or services with an Agile mindset.

Basic Beliefs

  • Understand the patterns of how the problem becomes a problem.
  • Key is to find the first promising starting point and get into the loop.
  • Don't fight the forces, use them.
  • There is no guarantee in life for anything.
    But if one honestly dares, one will be able to steer towards the desired direction.

iO Action Network

This graphic shows an idealized path through complex terrain. Indeed it is not as linear as it seems, but at least some feedbacks are integrated. The pattern behind this approach is the Viable System Model. The repertoire of iO contains a vast range of tools and methods to develop companies‘ leadership framing, purpose, value proposition, strategies and tactical measures including performance management.


Organisation Design Services

iO supports companies, teams and individuals with Coaching, Consulting and Conception services. Each of these elements is designed as a learning process, therefore it is not the intention to deliver Powerpoint files, but successfully transform the System through meaningful interactions. 

By its own definition iO is successful, if the client does not need the services anymore.


Sometimes little tweaks do the trick – they enable flow and allow first positive experiences with change. They do not change the organisational structures too much, so it is easy to work with them. 


Innovation and creativity can not be commanded, nor directly externally induced. But one can enhance the likelihood of new ideas, if the leader understands the prerequisites for an innovative culture.


The Viable System Model allows its users to understand and see the organisation as a whole. It works like an medical instrument and helps to identify diagnostic points which endanger the viability of the organisation. 


Does your Value Proposition meet your customers (and others) expectations? Have you considered the value of your product in use? iO  supports you in developing better operational results.


Understanding the problem is essential if you want to develop a solution. iO uses a set of systemic methods which help you gain insights about the levers of the context. It allows you to see the dynamics of the problem.


Setting the right goals is important if you want to steer in the desired direction. But please keep in mind: KPI means  Keep People Involved. Participative Goal development is the base for sustainable success.


The discussion about different scaling systems like SAFe or LeSS basically deals with a question, how a „meta-waterfall“ can be prevented. The Viable System Model offers a new perspective on this matter and focuses on sustainability creating  patterns.

Complexity &

This module is the foundation of iO’s identity. No matter which subject iO is dealing with, it is about understanding the nature of interacting actors and factors. In order to grasp a system and its behavior, a variety of thinking tools are part of this service.

Purpose &

The recent interest regarding the term ‚Purpose‘ is strongly related to issues of the ‚Public Value‘. By connecting these two aspects a company can gain new perspectives on its contribution to society, whilst gaining a sustainable advantage in the changing environment.


Mark Lambertz

"Let's build a social brain by connecting needs, values, capabilities and competences –
and dissolve the problem."

Mark Lambertz was born in Düsseldorf in 1971 and works as a consultant and coach for companies that want to tap the opportunities of digitalisation in these dynamic times. He offers over 20 years of digital leadership, tech enthusiasm and radically human centered Service Design.

Mark co-founded the digital agency anyMOTION in 1995 and managed it for 20 years. During this time, the company grew to 60 employees and has since been included in the top 70 of German digital agency ranking.

Exemplary customers: Bayer, Citroën, Coca Cola, DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt), E-Plus, Forum Führung, Galderma Germany, Henkel, Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz, NOWEDA, Peugeot, Rigips Deutschland, Rockwool, Smart, Trimet Aluminium, OTTO Group, Volkswagen, Volvo, Weber Stephen.


Public Events

First Book

This introduction to Stafford Beer’s Viable System Model is intended to give you an advantage in the race against complexity. 

In times of exponentially increasing complexity, the authoritarian management models and organisational methods used to date are failing. People no longer want to be treated as pure variables in a large equation. But how has the desire for self-efficacy and self-determination been taken into account so far? The classic org charts are obviously not able to represent the complexity of a viable organization. 

On the contrary, the approach of  „Command and Control“ works diametrically against the fundamental ideas of viability. The price for this form of management leads to bore-out or burn-out. Stafford Beer’s Viable System Model conveys a variety of new perspectives to understand the existing organizational complexity and design sustainable systems.

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Second Book

While the first book focused on the original work of Stafford Beer, this book uses a rather playful approach to get in touch with the VSM. It is less academic than „Freiheit und Verantwortung“, but nevertheless accurate in terms of the Theory of Viability.

The reader will find many practical examples on how to deal with complexity in general, and organizational one in special.

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